Designers · Battista Maria · Besse Camille · De Sio Valeria · Guardavaccaro Claudia · Pizzi Francesca

Workshop · Obrero, construye tu maquinaria

2014y · Playing is an activity that everybody loves doing since childhood, fed by creativity and fantasy, but mostly it’s a primary need. Toast-balino is an adaptable game, that can be used on every plain surface. It is an equipped base that allows to play football and “basket”, without limits of imagination. The slogan “A game is not a waste of time”, a virtuosity that enhances the importance of playing as a recreational activity and which can also be generated by obsolete objects, burnt by the combination of game and waste. Toast-balino is made up of parts of a vintage toaster, no longer functioning, assembled with other obsolete objects, as a series of curtain rails, a box for fruits,  a slip mat, the body of a rearview mirror and suckers. In addition, Toast-balino has used 3D printing technology, to create elements that could make it complete, combining practicality and uniqueness of details.