Designers · De Sio Valeria · Pizzi Francesca

2013y · Caterpillar was born to deal with one of the major problems affecting many developing countries: the transport of drinking water. The main aim of Caterpillar is the adaptability to various circumstances (uneven ground or high slope) and to any need (transport by adults or children), as well as to improve the projects currently on the market. Caterpillar is a modular container for water (three modules of 20 liters each) in HDPE, which can be carried by hand or, if aggregated by an elastic belt, can roll on the ground. Thanks to the presence of two handles, each module can be transported by two people: the load can thus be halved and better distributed; the presence of the double handle also ensures a greater ease for emptying the filled container, also facilitated by the large diameter of the neck of the tank.