2015y · Design of the invitations and of the poster for the event named “Basque poetry and Prünent”, that was held in March 2015 in Domodossola, for the presentation of the new year of the well-known Piedmontese wine and of its artistic label, on which was printed a poetry by the Basque poet Josè Angel Irigaray. An ancient palace was set with old tables, around which the guests were seated. During the conference a cup of local tea was served (each table was set with a different tea service); at the end of the presentation the participants could taste unusual dishes, cooked by Luca Zaccheo, a young local cook.
To create the invitations and the poster a photo which could transmit the peculiarity of the event was taken: the handle of and old teapot was fixed on a bottle of Prünent; the collection of Basque poetries and a ceramic cup of tea were positioned near that.